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The mission of PAeHI has been to:

(a) Enable the use of information technology to improve healthcare quality and efficiency and ensure patient safety for all Pennsylvanians:

(b) Ensure secure, confidential access to health information to enable individuals and communities to make the best possible health decisions.

In order to maximize member/stakeholder efforts towards ensuring the success of the Pennsylvania eHealth Partnership Authority, the PAeHI Board of Directors acted in June 2014 to temporarily scale back PAeHI activities in order to encourage existing and prospective members/stakeholders to explore opportunities and to engage in the success of the Pennsylvania eHealth Partnership Authority.


Working collaboratively under the direction of a diverse, multi-stakeholder, volunteer board of directors, PAeHI endeavors to achieve and sustain greater Health Information Technology implementation and meaningful use through awareness and education across the Commonwealth. Helping healthcare providers achieve meaningful use ultimately benefits the patient; and through our efforts, we hope to assist providers and consumers in improving patient safety, and quality, while lowering costs.

The Pennsylvania eHealth Initiative was formed for the following reasons:

(a) To encourage and promote, through the collective efforts of its Members, an environment in Pennsylvania which will:

1. Inform healthcare stakeholders and all Pennsylvanians of the benefits of utilizing electronic health records to reduce medical errors, avoid duplicative work and enable clinicians to focus their efforts more directly on improved patient care.

2. Interconnect all healthcare stakeholders to make health information available for the benefit of consumers wherever they need it.

3. Personalize care through the utilization of consumer-centric information to enable consumers to manage their health and assist with personal healthcare decisions.

4. Protect the public through the collection of anonymous, timely and standardized clinical information.

(b) Establish a process for identifying and adopting statewide interoperability standards consistent with national standards.

(c) To serve as the statewide source for objective, accurate information about health information technology.

(d) To participate in studies, surveys and research projects consistent with our mission.

(e) To secure needed funding for initiative activities from grants, payers, vendors, foundations and other organizations.

(f) To create an open forum for participants in locally sponsored initiatives to make others aware of their activities and to share their successes and barriers.

(g) To create a neutral forum for healthcare stakeholders to meet and address common needs and potential solutions.

Guiding Principles

Guiding Principle 1
Patient's come first!

Guiding Principle 2
Consumer privacy, security and confidentiality are paramount.

Guiding Principle 3
Multi-stakeholder collaboration is needed to implement achievable and measurable initiatives in order to show early progress and value.

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