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About PAeHI

The Pennsylvania eHealth Initiative (PAeHI) was created in 2005 as a non-profit organization consisting of a multi-stakeholder coalition of volunteers representing private and public organizations that bring Pennsylvania's various healthcare, business, and technology industries together. PAeHI's member-driven organization provides leadership for the future of health information technology and in secure exchange of health information across the Commonwealth.

Governed by a representative board of directors, PAeHI offers a neutral forum for the healthcare community to work together with a common mission-—to improve patient care through the effective and efficient use of health information technology.

Key Foundational Roles

  • Identify opportunities for Pennsylvanians to use HIT and HIE to improve healthcare.
  • Educate the public providers and policy makers regarding the benefits and challenges of HIT and HIE.
  • Coordinate the efforts of all Pennsylvania HIT and stakeholders.
  • Identify opportunities to coordinate with and benefit from federal initiatives.
  • Develop statewide consensus on established and emerging standards (e.g., data, communication and reporting).
  • Work with providers, payers, policy makers to define business cases for HIT and HIE.

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